Whether it is for recreation, a professional career, or simply to create audiences who support the arts, Dance Inc. reaches to fulfill these endeavors. Twenty plus years of teaching and dancing professionally has enhanced my focus on the community’s dance educational needs. Some of our former students are professional actors, dancers, and vocal artists in NYC, others are in colleges across the country holding fast to their dreams. As a dance educator, I have the challenge and responsibility of preparing our students for the professional dance world. I try to encourage a positive experience, a sense of direction, and a love for the arts. If dancers do not pursue a career, they will be a knowledgeable audience. To expose the children, young adults and adults at our school, I frequently escort the most talented and motivated students to take numerous professional-oriented classes in NYC. My apartment there enables us to spend several days and experience dance with those who are pursuing life as dancers. Stimulating the students to better prepare for a career in the arts and exposing me to their needs and the areas they need to master has been an invaluable experience. This year not only will we have a beautiful new facility, but a faculty I believe can help push and advance our students toward their careers.

Join us for our Grand Opening on Monday, August 25th, 2008 from 6:00-7:00pm. You can tour our new building and enjoy the summer performance. Call (860) 747-2647 for more information.