Welcome to Dance Incorporated

  • Children Ages 3-5
    Story Book Ballet

    A combination of storytelling, creative play, dancing and singing. The story comes to life through movement, music and character acting.

  • Children Ages 3-6
    Fundamentals of Movement

    Children ages 3 - 6 develop an appreciation for ballet, tap, and jazz. They discover differennt movements, body awareness, rhythms, flexibility, and coordination. A fun and encouraging environment is a great introduction to the world of dance.

  • Children and Teens

    Styles such as jazz, ballet and modern mixed with an emotional interpretation of the music.

  • An abstract form of dance with a different way of using the music in relation of to movement.

  • Adults and Teens
    Ballroom (Salsa)

    The name salsa correctly describes the flavor of this dance: hot! Danced correctly, there is a lot of shaking, shimmying, and hip action going on. Don’t be deferred - you can learn how to achieve all of this action.

  • Age 10 and Up
    Classical Ballet

    Ballet is a specific dance form and technique according to specific methods. This class preserves the traditions of ballet yet is taught in an innovative manner.

  • A form of adult exercise for the adult that is interested in stretching, strengthening, and discovering the art of dance. It is a process that is sure to be rewarding physically and mentally.

  • Children and Teens
    Funk and Hip Hop

    Styles of dance with innovative music blended with pure attitude.

  • Adult and Child
    Street Jazz

    This class is for pure enjoyment and comrodary of an adult and child. The mixing of hip-hop, funk, and street dance is sure to be fun with plenty of exercise.

  • Age 8 and Up
    Broadway Theatre

    TAnyone who loves musical theatre will benefit from this class. It is for young singers / actors who are interested in perfecting their dance and theatre skills. Guest teachers will also be a part of this curriculum.

  • Adult and Teen

    Swing developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920’s - 1940’s. Not only will this be a part of our Broadway Theatre course, it will be offered as a master class to adults and teens.

  • Children and Teens
    Broadway Series

    This class includes tap, theatre, and voice. Guest teachers in swing dance and other curriculums will periodically be guest teaching.